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Used demo equipment

As a service to our customers & distribution partners, INNOVATEST Europe BV keeps a permanent set of more than 50 instruments in its global showrooms for demonstration and training purposes. From time to time we replace the equipment in our showrooms to ensure the collection represents the most up to date range of products.

Showroom equipment is in many cases like new with sometimes little paint damage. Such little damages or better ''traces of use'' by no means have any effect on functionality, neither on the performance of this equipment. If you have a certain interest in purchasing this ''showroom'' equipment at a discounted rate, do not hesitate to contact our sales department. Any of the listed equipment will be covered by a guarantee period of 12 months.

Please ask our sales department in case you're interested in purchasing a demo instrument at discounted prices.

End of stock sales

Outrunning products. There are currently no outrunning products.

Please ask our sales department for a copy of our special promotion offers.

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