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Installation & Service


Rest assure with a proper installation.INNOVATEST® engineers have installed hundreds of hardness testers worldwide. Against reasonable costs, you can count on our expertise to make the installation of your valuable tester a success.

Our service team is equipped with load cells and test materials traceable to international standards. The final check list and final testing will be done in your presence, ensuring you of a good working machine, properly installed and meeting its all over specifications when our engineers leave.

Our Distributors are near to you and provide in many cases recognised and traceable calibration services on the installation location.


Relocation of your equipment

Hardness testing instruments are sensitive equipment. They need to be installed on a solid table, in a vibration free environment. After installation, hardness testers cannot just be relocated to another area without taking proper precautions.

Our experienced team of service engineers can advise you on how to move your tester or better, take care of the detailed planning, transport preparation, reinstalling, calibration and certification of your tester.


Count on the broad experience of the INNOVATEST® service personnel for yearly calibration of your hardness testing machines. Reference measuring equipment traceable to international standards such as ISO & ASTM make part of our calibration sets. Our calibration, which includes possibly required adjusting, assures reliable testing results. Be Certain!

Service & maintenance

Reduce your possible down time risk. INNOVATEST® Service is available to do a regular check and standard maintenance on any of our testers regardless of the location.

Regular service avoids unpleasant surprises. At the same time our staff can update the standard software, if such updates are available. If in spite of regular service and good maintenance a tester is faulty, you can count on our service staff to be available at your request. (See also our general sales conditions).

► For question related to costum hardware or software, contact our Technical Department.

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